Panning for liquid gold

Have you ever had a crazy dream to do something totally different from the life you currently lead? Something that your accountant and bank manager would disapprove of, but that would lay down roots for your long term future?  A few weeks ago I was privileged to meet Taiwanese/Australian entrepreneur Mr Jung Tang Lien.  And I was as inspired as I was confounded by his wild plans.


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Taiwanese hakka style cumquat sauce (客家金桔醬)

I love exploring Hakka food in Taiwan.  Since the Hakka are hardworking, and often lived in poorer rural areas, many of their recipes are ‘peasant food’ making the most of local and cheap ingredients.  Hakka cuisine was once overlooked as being overly fatty and salty, but there is now a resurgence in Hakka cuisine with annual cooking competitions that aim to make the food more accessible (and healthy).  And gradually there more and more Hakka restaurants are also opening in Taiwan.




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Are Taiwanese workers dumb? Managing Across Cultures

The August edition of Centered on Taipei magazine is now out, and in it is my latest Ask Taiwanxifu article.  This one was a little controversial.  At least I think so.  I addressed an issue of why some (foreign) managers sometimes believe that their Taiwanese staff lack initiative.


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Naosara 尚更 Handmade Udon

Guest blogger I-Chun Liu introduces another Japanese noodle restaurant, this one featuring udon.  And she is such a regular that the owner’s wife knows to prepare her ‘usual’ order.


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Good Chinese Wife: A Book Review

When I was approached to write a review about Susan Blumberg-Kason’s memoir about her failed marriage to a Chinese man, ‘Good Chinese Wife: A Love Affair with China Gone Wrong‘, I was a little scared.  Would reading about someone else’s marital struggles expose flaws in my own marriage?  Would it be too confronting and close to home?

Good Chinese Wife Cover

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On Meeting Mr Taiwanxifu

How did I become a Taiwanxifu?  Well, it started with meeting Mr Taiwanxifu.

Wedding photo

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二月半そば 2½ months Soba

I have heard that the hot summer months are one of the best times to enjoy Japanese buckwheat soba noodles.  And I Chun-liu introduces us to a special soba place on Zhongshan North Road.


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Fulong: biandang and cycling

What is more Taiwanese than biandang (便當), the boxed lunch boxes found throughout Taiwan?  And what better place to eat one than the seaside summer town of Fulong (福隆), which is famous for its biandang.


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The next best thing to an op shop: Salvation Army Charity Bazaar (21 June)

It is on again: save the date of 21 June.  A year ago I shared the secret treasure trove that lies within the Salvation Army Charity Bazaar.  You never know what you will find.  But I always find a lot, and it is always a bargain.  And the good thing is that you know that the money you spend is going to a good cause.  So you can spend sin free, right?

Salvos soaps

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Secret Garden: Chamkar

Taiwan is becoming closer to South East Asia.  I don’t mean that Taiwan is geographically moving, but there is greater intermarriage, investment, business links, and increasingly, fantastic South East Asian derived restaurants opening in Taipei and elsewhere on the island.  I-Chun Liu introduces us to the romance of Chamkar, a Cambodian-style vegetarian restaurant that is so good, one of its patrons fell in love with its French chef and owner. And by the sounds of it, I-Chun has fallen under the spell of Chamkar as well.

Chamkar entrance

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