Goose City

There are restaurants that you go to for the atmosphere, and then there are those that are all about the food.  Goose City is a no-frills favourite haunt for locals in the know.  Despite the name, Goose City does not specialize in poultry. Instead it proudly displays a gleaming ice castle of seafood and fresh produce at its entrance for patrons choosing.  No live fish tanks here, but there is not much need: according to owner, he has contracted with fishermen to deliver the catch of the day directly from the Dasi harbour (大溪漁港) to his restaurant each afternoon.  You can’t get fresher than that.

Fresh produce at the entrance to Goose City

With fresh fish for the choosing, it automatically follows that sashimi is a house specialty and Goose City does not disappoint.  The red snapper fillets served on a mountain of shaved ice and adorned with a faux orchid were snowflake pure and without need of augmentation by wasabi or soy sauce. Nor was the snapper itself put to waste; it reappeared later in the evening as a flavoursome soup.  Clams (pipis) can sometimes be tough or gritty, but these were expertly cooked and consumed quickly.  And giant oysters, whose size had to be seen to be believed, were served freshly shucked in their monster shells.  Also simple, the plate of cooked prawns were also obviously fresh; their pale pink sheen announcing clearly that they had not been subjected to artificial colouring or other mistreatment.

Decorations on the sashimi plate at Goose City. The fish carcass was later used for soup.

Giant oysters (foreground), freshly cooked prawns (background)

Goose City is riotous good fun.  It is best not to go if you are likely to be offended by the skimpy mini-skirt outfitted beer girls’ constant proffering of more refreshments.  However, they are not too pushy and several of Goose City’s specialty fried dishes are clearly designed to accompany beer.  Top of this list is the strangely named ‘dragon balls’(龍珠).  I won’t divulge what they are really made from (although I promise it is not too scary), but they do wash down nicely with a cold Taiwan Beer.  As does the addictively salty stir-fried crab with spicy peanut and garlic sauce.
Stir-fried crab with spicy peanuts

Stir-fried 'dragon balls'

Goose City (鵝肉城) is a three story building situated in the bustling night-market on Liaoning Street in Zhongshan District.  Staff do not speak English, nor is there an English-language menu, but the point and cook method of selecting food would not be a barrier to an adventurous diner.  The food is reasonably priced, with our generous banquet of over ten dishes setting us back a whopping NT$750 each.

Address:  77 Liaoning Street Taipei, Zhongsan District (鵝肉城, 台北市中山區遼寧街77號‎)
Phone: 02-2751-6922‎

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