Mousse Ice-cream Crystal Zongzi

Some good friends brought us a gift of ice-cream zongzi yesterday.

Ice-cream zongzi

I like the concept of eating ice-cream on the Dragon Boat Festival; the weather is so hot and sticky today that it is nice to eat something frozen.  And these Mousse Ice-Crystal Dumplings look really cool: each ice-cream parcel is individually wrapped in bamboo leaves and tyed up with twine as if it really was a zongzi parcel. 

The package

But we found the bamboo leaves hard to remove.  The center of each zongzi was filled with taro and vanilla ice-cream, which was yummy but a little hard.  And surrounding the ice-cream was a kind of clear jelly that I can’t quite work out … maybe something using agar agar?  It was an interesting way of eating zongzi, but on balance I found it a bit fiddly to eat.  But maybe I should try another one … 

The centre of the zongzi are filled with swirled vanilla and taro ice-cream

Has anyone else eaten any unusual zongzi recently?

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