Birthday cake from Crown Fancy

We have just had a birthday week, with two birthdays within days of each other.  Taiwanxifu Toddler turned two, and we had a big party to celebrate.  Mr Taiwanxifu and I are still reeling from being exposed to around a dozen children running madly around, fueled high with sugar.  (A sign of many birthday parties to come?) But everyone had fun, and while Taiwanxifu Toddler remains a bit confused about what happened, he seemed to enjoy being the center of attention.

Vanilla cake with strawberry mousse, fruit and mochi from Crown Fancy bakery

And the highlight of birthdays — cake!  I did insist through some crazy desire to demonstrate my mother prowess to make some of my Nana’s famous cupcakes (or fairy cakes, as we used to call them growing up), banana cake and some chocolate oat bars.  The fairy cakes weren’t too bad, but not quite as exciting as I had hoped, perhaps a victim of baking in a hurry.  But at least Taiwanxifu Toddler and the other kids were happy.  In contrast, one of my friends recently told me that her daughter complained when she baked her a birthday cake because it did not look as nice as what was on the packet.  Ouch! Definitely a story to save and bring out for maximum embarrassment when she is older.

Display window of Crown Fancy

Much slicker than my baking was the seriously decadent cake I purchased for Taiwanxifu Toddler’s birthday.  Purchased from Crown Fancy, I resisted the more adult choices in favour of a child-friendly vanilla cake with strawberry mousse, fruit and mochi (8 inch NT$668, 6 inch NT$468).  Not only did it look spectacular, but it tasted so good I went back for seconds.  The strawberry mousse layer was more like thick strawberry jam.  And the fruit (mango) and mochi layer was heavenly.  I wasn’t a fan of the fake cream covering, but it looked so pretty swirled into rose-petal shapes.

Taiwanxifu Toddler -- looking a bit scared about the cake

My little boy was a bit scared of the cake at first, but he warmed to the idea of eating cake very quickly and before too long was asking for more.  And more, and more.  Lucky it is not his birthday everyday!

Thank you to friends and family for helping us to celebrate.

Crown Fancy bakery are at four venues in Taipei, and multiple shops in Kaohsiung.  I visited their store at No 159 Zhongxiao Road Section 5 (台北市信義區忠孝東路五段159, phone:  (02) 2528 9696).  There is a small cafe attached to this bakery, and the whole shop is open 24 hours a day — which is particularly handy if you are looking for an early morning cafe, as there is not much open early in the morning in the Xinyi district.

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