Chinese New Year gourmet gift boxes

As I am deliberating what to get for Taiwanese friends over Chinese New Year, I happened to read this feature article by Taipei Times reporter Catherine Shu on innovative and creatively presented Chinese New Year gifts.  I love how Taiwanese gourmet gifts are often elaborately boxed and presented.  The hard part now is to choose exactly what I will get for my former home-stay family, who living in the foodie city of Tainan, already have nearly everything they could need!



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‘Taiwanxifu’ (pronounced ‘shee foo’) means ‘Taiwan daughter-in-law’ in Chinese and has been my nickname ever since I married my Taiwanese husband, Sam. I love sampling Taiwanese food, even local specialties such as stinky tofu, pigs blood cake and Taipei beef noodle soup with offal. But there are many other options on the menu. Promise!
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4 Responses to Chinese New Year gourmet gift boxes

  1. Thanks for sharing, Serina! I hope you had a great CNY. Did you go to Tainan? I LOVE Tainan street food. There are store selling Tainan-style small eats all over Taipei, but of course, it’s just not the same.

    • taiwanxifu says:

      Agree, Tainan snacks in Taipei are not the same. Yes, we did go to Tainan but not so much snacking this time. My homestay family were busy with ‘bai bai’ responsibilities, their daughter in law and chief gourmet resting due to imminent birth of twins, and some of the more famous places (including Ah-Gong’s milkfish congee) were closed for several days before and after the Chinese New Year.

  2. I remember our office gave away New Year gifts to the staff. It was some type of butter cookies in decorative tins that cost a fortune because it was famous and Japanese . The funny thing is they could have picked something else of equal value but they voted for those cookies.

    • taiwanxifu says:

      You should see the elaborate packing for ‘xibing’ — gifts of cookies and cakes given at weddings. The weird thing with xibing is that they are only given out to the family and friends of the bride. And they can cost as much as a main course meal at a restaurant — if not more — for each individual box.

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