Scrambled Egg

I am honoured today to have a guest post I wrote about my Australian/Asian identity featured in Jocelyn Eikenburg’s Speaking of China website.

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I have been a fan of Jocelyn’s work for ever so long.  She writes passionately and openly about Asian Male/Western Women relationships, and her website has a range of views on the subject.  And on navigating Chinese culture in general, including some controversial bits – one of my favourite is her list of sexy terms in Chinese.

Someone has already asked me in a comment on her site – why did my marriage end?  It may be a shock to some readers, as not long ago (while contemplating some of the better times in face of crisis) I wrote about how I met my husband.  Those early days when Mr Taiwanxifu was courting me (i.e. when he would ‘zhui’ 追 or chase me,to use the Chinese term), are among my happiest memories.  I truly wanted to focus on the positives in my writing and in my life, but sadly after several years of trying to overcome insurmountable differences I must admit that the time had come (and past) when I ought to have said goodbye.

As to New Man?  Well, the early excitement of our chance connection did not pan out to the type of relationship I would have wanted.  It is not the right time for either of us.  As they say yǒu yuán wú fèn (有緣無份) – there is fate but not destiny.   He is a wonderful man, has inspired me so much and supported me in his own subtle way, and I hope (despite the fact that thoughts of him still make me swoon) that we can stay friends.

Still working on my egg identity.  I write a lot more these days on my Ms Frugal Earsblog, including on frugality.  This explains why I am a bit silent here.  But I am still determined to write my book on zuo yuezi, and my ‘egg’ connections still reappear in subtle ways in my writing.  It is, afterall, a part of who I am.

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About taiwanxifu

‘Taiwanxifu’ (pronounced ‘shee foo’) means ‘Taiwan daughter-in-law’ in Chinese and has been my nickname ever since I married my Taiwanese husband, Sam. I love sampling Taiwanese food, even local specialties such as stinky tofu, pigs blood cake and Taipei beef noodle soup with offal. But there are many other options on the menu. Promise!
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5 Responses to Scrambled Egg

  1. Anthony sit says:


    I am anthony from amsterdam. Remember? We studies together in beijing exactly twenty years ago and suddenly, pure coincedence, i Came across an article on my zite app (kind of flipboard) from speaking of china. Suddenly my eyes freeze, i saw a picture of a girl that looked familiar, her name also sounded familiar and when i read through, ‘ studying beijing, creepy kazachstan??? It is you, serina from australia. The girl i secretely had a crush on at yuyuan xueyuan? It is u, right?

    How are u? U havent changed a bit and when i am reading your story, it is almost funny how similar our lives have been. Just like u, after my graduation in holland, i went on scholarship to taipei studying at taida, where i met my current wife。對,是個台妹。just like u, i fell in love with taiwan and adore it and return almost every year to visit friends and family in law. My wife, son of two and future daughter (we are expecting in november) lives in amsterdam.

    Funny right, how each of us experienced that weird year in beijing, then went seperatly our lives and twenty years later u come across a blog

    If u feel like, i love to hear more about how you have been all these years. If u dont remember me, never mind then. Still compliment u on your nice writing


    Anthony from amsterdam

    • taiwanxifu says:

      Kwoksing, how could I ever forget? Actually I was sorting through old letters the other day and found a letter with your address on it. I couldn’t find the letter – don’t know what you wrote.

      I am so very happy for you.

      Please drop me a line and stay in touch.


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