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Toh-Ka-Lin at Okura Hotel

I am still feeling fat and full after Chinese New Year — even despite the passage of weeks and months.  And this year, I had already over-eaten before the main festivities started.

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Asian ANZAC biscuits

Each year, I make ANZAC cookies in late April.  As do many households in Australia and New Zealand.

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Mrs Beeton’s Rice Pudding

I was sifting through my piles of cookbooks today, and was inspired to cook Mrs Beeton’s rice pudding.

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Centered on Taipei Magazine: how much money to give as a wedding present

The April issue of Centered on Taipei magazine is out now, and in this edition there is an ‘Ask Taiwanxifu’ column I wrote on page 13.  This column addresses a delicate etiquette issue:  People might tell you that ‘it doesn’t matter’, … Continue reading

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I have discovered that my favourite things is the sensation of biting into a freshly-made fluffy mantou (饅頭, steamed bun), just as it comes out of the steamer.  And Taiwanxifu Preschooler and Toddler agree, with both gulfing down homemade mantou, … Continue reading

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Mums around the World — no hairwashing in Taiwan

Last year I was contacted by a journalist, who wanted to quote me regarding my experiences on zuo yuezi (Chinese postpartum confinement).  And finally, I got the result: part of a feature article titled ‘Mums around the world’ in the … Continue reading

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Jiguang Eatery 吉光.小食: Gem of a find

One of the things I love best about Taipei is the unexpected and quirky micro-eateries.  These are labours of love, places that might be no bigger than a family living room but that create an oasis of calm and space … Continue reading

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I am happy to introduce another blog post written by fellow foodie and friend, Maria Tan.  I am sure you will love her Christmas Eve discovery, hidden in the backstreets of Taipei.  I just love stumbling across unexpected discoveries in the back alleyways … Continue reading

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Eating fishball soup at Danshui

In the movie “Good Morning Vietnam”, Robin Williams’ character and is taken on a trip to eat some local street food.  His new friend Tuan cheekily orders fishball soup with a hot chilli sauce.  “I didn’t know they had balls,” … Continue reading

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Good Cho’s: Good Choice

Did anyone else in Taipei love the beautiful late Autumn, sunny weather? Perfect for venturing out and about, and for catching up with friends.

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