Stir-fry 100

Rechao 100 (熱炒) literally means ‘hot fry 100’.  It describes a type of casual restaurant popular in Taiwan, which offers a range of stir-fried dishes starting from NTD$100 (just over US$3.00) each.  (Most dishes will be more expensive than this, but all dishes — even the fresh seafood — are usually very cheap.)  You can usually recognise a stir-fry 100 place by the shop sign out the front: a large ‘100’ in a circle.  Other indicators are small wooden stools to sit on, a fresh display of seafood to select from out the front, a beer sign and/or mini-skirt clad ‘beer girls’ whose job is to encourage patrons to drink lots of their particular brand.  Eating at a stir-fry 100 place is a lot of fun: the atmosphere is relaxed and happy, the food is fresh and unpretentious, and they are open late.  And it is one of the best ways to enjoy local food and mix with local people.

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  2. a. says:

    Thanks for writing about those Stir-fry 100. I remember passing by those kind of eateries, and never knew how to categorize them since they are not bars nor formal restaurants, and I generally felt too shy to enter because most of the patrons inside appears to be regulars. It kinda gives me the feeling of entering a dive bar where you better know what you want when you enter if you don’t want to feel too awkward. Now, I feel a little more prepared, haha.

    • taiwanxifu says:

      Go for it and give a Stir-fry 100 place a try! They’re the most fun with a group of friends but Mr Taiwanxifu and I have gone with just the two of us and still enjoyed it. They tend to get a bit busy and noisy on weekends, but weekdays (earlier in the evening) are generally quieter. I’m usually the one drinking apple sidra (as they spell it here) or fruit juice rather than beer, and I still have fun.

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  4. fifty2weekhi says:

    Thanks for bringing the awareness! I grew up in Taipei and I never knew about it! Must be a recent trend (I’ve been living abroad for over 2 decades). Next time I visit Taiwan I’ll certain pay a visit!

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