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Why is spending money on zuo yuezi confronting?

I am passionate about promoting the benefits of the Chinese postpartum retreat (zuo yuezi) for new mothers. Yet I have noticed that my enthusiasm is not always shared by ‘Western’ mothers. In fact, I am finding that this is a … Continue reading

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Zuo yuezi by another name

As many of my readers know, I endured (and benefited from) the Chinese postpartum confinement practice known as zuo yuezi (坐月子).  One of my challenges in writing about this practice has been deciding what term to use.  You see, zuo … Continue reading

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Can zuo yuezi prevent postnatal depression?

Can a month of Chinese postpartum confinement (zuo yuezi) prevent a woman from suffering from postnatal depression?  This is a question that I wanted to explore during zuo yuezi. 

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Boosting milk supply with Chinese postpartum confinement foods

Yesterday, Mr Taiwanxifu took baby for a check-up at hospital. Taiwanxifu Baby is not only gaining weight, he is packing it on. A total of 650g in eight days in fact. Could it be that Chinese postpartum confinement food (坐月子餐, … Continue reading

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Brotherly Love

One of the things I love about spending time at home on maternity leave is watching Taiwanxifu Toddler bond with his infant brother.  But this is not always encouraged during postpartum confinement (zuo yuezi).

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The long, long night: feeding baby

Last night we had one of those times that new parents dread.  Baby Taiwanxifu (aka Angry Bird) was hungry and inconsolable, howling and screaming for hours.  And then the noise woke up Taiwanxifu Toddler, whose cries added to the chorus.  On … Continue reading

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No washing after childbirth

It has been nine days since I gave birth, and I have not washed my hair. And I haven’t had a shower, either.

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Bringing baby home

Home at last! Baby Taiwanxifu had an extended stay in hospital due to jaundice, but is now fully recovered. We couldn’t wait to bring him home. In fact, we were so keen that we brought him home in the middle … Continue reading

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Hospital Confinement Food

Before I left Australia for Taiwan, one of my colleagues shared advice for living overseas as an expat. “Find an Adventist-run hospital, and stock up on whole grains and breads. They usually have excellent cafes or restaurants.”

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Breaking out of confinement

Oh dear. I am only five days into postpartum confinement (zuo yuezi) and already I have broken some of the key rules.

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