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Building a bridge between cultures: all you have to do is believe

Three years ago I set out on a lofty ambition of realising my life purpose as being a bridge between Chinese (especially Taiwanese) and Western cultures.  Kind of like a character out of Victorian-style Willow Pattern china, I wanted to be someone who … Continue reading

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Food Culture In Taiwan website

Taiwan’s Government Information Office has launched a new website to help promote Taiwanese Cuisine.  Taiwan Food Culture is a slick portal that provides a range of information on traditional Taiwanese culture and the food that plays an important part of … Continue reading

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Weight-loss Taipei style

My New Year’s resolution for 2010 was to lose weight.  I made quite a bit of progress in the earlier part of 2010, but things have stalled a bit due to the move to Taiwan.  A quick glance at the … Continue reading

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