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Mrs Beeton’s Rice Pudding

I was sifting through my piles of cookbooks today, and was inspired to cook Mrs Beeton’s rice pudding.

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I have discovered that my favourite things is the sensation of biting into a freshly-made fluffy mantou (饅頭, steamed bun), just as it comes out of the steamer.  And Taiwanxifu Preschooler and Toddler agree, with both gulfing down homemade mantou, … Continue reading

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Making buns

Last weekend good friends, the lovely Yang sisters (Rachel and Mei) invited me over for a Taiwanese style bake off. Both are talented cooks, and they indulged my desire to make a popular Taiwanese snack food I had seen them post … Continue reading

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Jiguang Eatery 吉光.小食: Gem of a find

One of the things I love best about Taipei is the unexpected and quirky micro-eateries.  These are labours of love, places that might be no bigger than a family living room but that create an oasis of calm and space … Continue reading

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February’s Centered on Taipei magazine: design and bagels

The February edition of Centered on Taipei magazine is now out.  And I am excited that in this edition, there are not one but two Taiwanxifu articles.  

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I am happy to introduce another blog post written by fellow foodie and friend, Maria Tan.  I am sure you will love her Christmas Eve discovery, hidden in the backstreets of Taipei.  I just love stumbling across unexpected discoveries in the back alleyways … Continue reading

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Eating fishball soup at Danshui

In the movie “Good Morning Vietnam”, Robin Williams’ character and is taken on a trip to eat some local street food.  His new friend Tuan cheekily orders fishball soup with a hot chilli sauce.  “I didn’t know they had balls,” … Continue reading

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Good Cho’s: Good Choice

Did anyone else in Taipei love the beautiful late Autumn, sunny weather? Perfect for venturing out and about, and for catching up with friends.

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Basil omelette

Sometimes the best food is simple.  And the special zuo yuezi (Chinese postpartum confinement) foods prepared for new mothers to help them recover after childbirth need not be complicated to cook, either.  I have been inspired by the Windmill cookbook … Continue reading

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Ian’s Table

Mr Taiwanxifu and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary last weekend. So we wanted to do something special. A lunch meal at Ian’s Table, a private residence in the spectacular Hualian rift valley area, was the perfect venue.

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