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Naosara 尚更 Handmade Udon

Guest blogger I-Chun Liu introduces another Japanese noodle restaurant, this one featuring udon.  And she is such a regular that the owner’s wife knows to prepare her ‘usual’ order.

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Dry noodles

One of the things about Taiwanese food I love best are the small, hole-in-the-wall places.  Cheap and inexpensive, they churn out good quality food day in day out for years.  Taiwan has a multitude of would-be snack shops, and only … Continue reading

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South Village Hyatt Snack Shop

Recently, a Taiwanese friend shared with me her favorite snack shop, hidden in an alleyway a few blocks from Taipei 101.  So of course I had to try it out.   

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Tainan: Pasta soup, Taiwanese style

On a recent trip down to Tainan in southern Taiwan, my former homestay family delighted in taking us on a progressive eating tour of the city.  It was lots of fun: we would double park the car in front of … Continue reading

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Recipe: Sichuan-style cold sesame noodles

I thought I would share a favourite recipe for sesame noodles.  I first tried these noodles on a hot, summers’ day in Beijing, and after some experimentation, found a way to recreate them.  Cold noodles are very popular in China — … Continue reading

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