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Taiwanese hakka style cumquat sauce (客家金桔醬)

I love exploring Hakka food in Taiwan.  Since the Hakka are hardworking, and often lived in poorer rural areas, many of their recipes are ‘peasant food’ making the most of local and cheap ingredients.  Hakka cuisine was once overlooked as being … Continue reading

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Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice (luroufan)

What is Taiwanese food?  This is a question that is often difficult to answer.  It derives from many influences: Fujian, Shanghai, Beijing, northern China, Japan, the indigenous tribes, America, Europe, and increasingly from Vietnam and other places in South East Asia.  … Continue reading

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Recipe: making xiaolongbao

Xiaolongbao – those tiny round dumplings that visitors to Taipei go ga-gaa about, that have made the Taiwanese Din Tai Fung restaurant chain legendary, and encouraged people to return to read this blog. I had always wondered how to make … Continue reading

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Asian ANZAC biscuits

Each year, I make ANZAC cookies in late April.  As do many households in Australia and New Zealand.

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Mrs Beeton’s Rice Pudding

I was sifting through my piles of cookbooks today, and was inspired to cook Mrs Beeton’s rice pudding.

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I have discovered that my favourite things is the sensation of biting into a freshly-made fluffy mantou (饅頭, steamed bun), just as it comes out of the steamer.  And Taiwanxifu Preschooler and Toddler agree, with both gulfing down homemade mantou, … Continue reading

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Making buns

Last weekend good friends, the lovely Yang sisters (Rachel and Mei) invited me over for a Taiwanese style bake off. Both are talented cooks, and they indulged my desire to make a popular Taiwanese snack food I had seen them post … Continue reading

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Basil omelette

Sometimes the best food is simple.  And the special zuo yuezi (Chinese postpartum confinement) foods prepared for new mothers to help them recover after childbirth need not be complicated to cook, either.  I have been inspired by the Windmill cookbook … Continue reading

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Beef and Guiness stew

A work colleague has just had a baby girl.  So I decided to do some cooking for them.  Since they are both of an Australian-Irish background, I thought I would cook something that they could relate to.  Not all new … Continue reading

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Kitchen Cupboard Cold Fixer: Taiwanese-influenced Onion Soup

I have a cold, my fourth in two months.  I am loath to admit that I actually have a cold, as I believe that you are what you think.  I keep telling myself that I am healthy, but somehow I … Continue reading

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