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Secret Garden: Chamkar

Taiwan is becoming closer to South East Asia.  I don’t mean that Taiwan is geographically moving, but there is greater intermarriage, investment, business links, and increasingly, fantastic South East Asian derived restaurants opening in Taipei and elsewhere on the island.  I-Chun … Continue reading

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Super vegetarian: Sufood

Many Taiwanese are either full-time vegetarians, or ‘part-time’ vegetarians who abstain from meat on the first and the fifteenth of the lunar month. It is not uncommon to dine out where at least one person in the group is vegetarian, … Continue reading

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Metro Bodhi

What to do when some members of your party are conscious vegetarians, but others are not yet so enlightened? One solution could be dining at Metro Bodhi, an urban-Buddhist themed restaurant that open mindedly caters to vegetarians, those who like … Continue reading

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Chungtai Monastery

On a recent visit to the scenic Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan, we detoured on our way back through Puli so that we could visit Chungtai Temple (中台山).  The Chungtai Chan Monastery vies with Foguangshan (near Kaohsiung) as one of the … Continue reading

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