One Lovely Blog Award

Recently, Scathing Weekly nominated me for a “One Lovely Blog Award”.  My first blogging award!  Now I truly feel like a ‘real blogger’.

But the award comes with some conditions, none too onerous, namely:

1.  Link back to the blogger who gave you the award (thank you Scathing Weekly).
2.  I have to tell you seven facts about me you might not know.
3.  Then I must pass the awards along to as many as fifteen blogs you have found recently.
4.  And notify the bloggers of their awards.

 Well, I thought long and hard and came up with the following seven facts about me (Taiwanxifu) that people may not know:

1.  My real name is Serina Huang.  Despite my surname, I don’t have an Asian background.  I changed my surname when I married my Taiwanese husband (which explains why my nickname is Taiwan Xifu — ‘Taiwan daughter-in-law’).

2.  My current Chinese name, which my husband chose for me, is beautiful and means ‘white flowering lotus’ (白盛蓮).  But my original Chinese name given to me by a former teacher when pronounced in Taiwanese means ‘f.. your mother’.  (I kid you not.)

3.  I dislike orange coloured vegetables, especially sweet potatoes and carrots.  I have a grudging respect for pumpkins, but prefer them in deserts rather than savoury dishes.

4.  I am very short — not quite 5 foot tall in fact.

5.  While I love to eat, write restaurant reviews and cook I still managed to reduce over 17kg last year.  (See my article on Chinese acupuncture and weight-loss.)

6.  I am a closet frugalista — I love finding creative ways to save money.

7.   My little boy, Austin, was born two months’ prematurely and we were so blessed that the hospital staff were able to save him.  Consequently I am passionate about supporting causes for sick or disadvantaged children.

And now for the drumroll please.  I would like to nominate the following blogs for a ‘One Lovely Blog Award’:

  • THE Steve’s Golf Blog by saving the world through writing about the ordinary;
  • Liu Chi-ping for her uplifting blog , especially for sharing her love of teaching Chinese to American children;
  • Trish Smith at trishandbobislandadventure for her unique story of living with on a deserted island in the Bass Strait for three months, and also for providing the inspiration for me to start blogging;
  • Mike’s Blog Journal — I feel like I am stalking him in cyberspace because at least three times when I have set out to write something he has beaten me to it!  He is obviously a real foodie and I hope he will continue blog about life in Taiwan;
  • Peter’s blog at Opulent in Thought because he is both a dedicated blogger, and also because his baby is so cute;
  • Ivy Chen at Ivy’s Kitchen because she is such an amazing and talented cook, and so because of her passion for Taiwanese cuisine;
  • Katrina Brown at Kidzone for providing an incredible resource for families in Taiwan.  Every time I visit her blog I am inspired to attempt the perfect family outing;
  • Shirlee Posner for making me feel so excited about food and cuisine whenever I visit her beautiful website.  I wish I could take photos like she does; and
  • Pace Miller for his personal blog full of useful resources on creative writing, and especially for producing such a concise and user-friendly ‘how to’ guide for visiting Taiwan.  I have referred several visitors to his website for ideas on what to see in Taiwan and how to get around.
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About taiwanxifu

‘Taiwanxifu’ (pronounced ‘shee foo’) means ‘Taiwan daughter-in-law’ in Chinese and has been my nickname ever since I married my Taiwanese husband, Sam. I love sampling Taiwanese food, even local specialties such as stinky tofu, pigs blood cake and Taipei beef noodle soup with offal. But there are many other options on the menu. Promise!
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5 Responses to One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Chi-ping says:

    Hi Serina,
    I am Liu laoshi’s younger sister. I heard of lots of your great stories from her. It’s really nice to share your blog.

    • Taiwanxifu says:

      Dear Chi-ping,

      It is so lovely to hear from you. Thank you so much for sharing your blog. I really loved your descriptions of your family. I can tell that you care for them very much and like being a “Meiguo Xifu”.


  2. Peters says:

    Dear Serina,
    Many congratulations on your blogging award! You certainly deserved it!
    You actually have known much more about Taiwan than me, especially on foods.
    It’s so glad to share your fantastic blog!
    Look forward to meeting you again to share comments on restaurants and foods!

  3. Scather says:

    Congratulations and thanks for accepting! Your blog truly deserves this award. Taiwanxifu is a yummy blog ^_^

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