Family fun in Taipei: five family resources

Recently I seem to give lots of family friendly advice about where to go and what to see in Taipei.  New colleagues with family arrived in Taipei, other work colleagues are about to visit with children and I bumped into a lonely Taiwan Xifu with the cutest toddler who wonders where all the other mums (and dads) are.  Despite the low birth rate, Taipei is generally a family friendly place … once you know where to look.  Here are some of my suggestions for places to go for fun and support.


At the park

At the park


Taiwanxifu’s Top Five Family Friendly Resources

  1. The blog maintained by a New Zealand Taiwan Xifu, which has loads and loads of ideas for places and things to do for children in Taiwan (  Katrina is a passionate educator, and has some good ideas for learning focused activities.
  2. The Parent Pages, a forum for parents in Taiwan. This is a repository of useful information from both newcomers to Taipei and long-term expatriates.  If you have a question about anything — where to buy formula, parenting issues, playgroups or showing off pictures of your cute kids — you can ask about it or share it here.  It also lists venues of a weekly Taipei City Playgroup meeting, held each Thursday. 
  3. Parents’ Place, run by energetic Canadian doula Angela Chang ( Angela teaches birthing classes and runs a range of baby and childrens’ classes at the center (including things like babysigning, ante and postpartum fitness, a breast-feeding support group and a children’s summer camp).  Angela met many new parents who didn’t know many other people, so designed Parent’s Place to be a center where expatriate parents could meet one another. 
  4. Community Services Center, a Tienmu-based resource for expatriates and their families.  It is not a children focused center per se, but it does have community based events and lots of cross-cultural and other resources for people to draw to help make navigating life in Taiwan that little bit easier.  They also have a register of Western-trained counsellors to provide assistance.  They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things a person can do: double that if moving overseas to an unfamiliar country with children.
  5. My blog, Taiwanxifu (okay, a bit cheeky but hey!).  I often write about family-friendly holiday places, restaurants, cross-cultural parenting issues and baby experiences.  Drop me a comment if you have a query and I will do my best to answer it.

So, do you have family in Taipei?  If so, where do you go to get connected and have fun with other parents?

This is part of a series of child-friendly information about life in Taipei.  Check back in a few days’ time for the next part in the series.

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  1. Caroline Blackley says:

    Hi Taiwanxifu! My husband and I will be moving to Taiwan (from the UK) in a month with our 4 month old daughter – your blog popped up when I was searching for baby groups in the area. I realise that your children will be much older now but do you have any information on where we could find some baby groups when we arrive? I’d really appreciate any information you can give me.

    • taiwanxifu says:

      Hi there, I’m out of Taiwan now but perhaps some readers could answer? There used to be a Taipei Playgroup (search on Facebook Groups).

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