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All about the practice of Chinese postpartum confinement

Mums around the World — no hairwashing in Taiwan

Last year I was contacted by a journalist, who wanted to quote me regarding my experiences on zuo yuezi (Chinese postpartum confinement).  And finally, I got the result: part of a feature article titled ‘Mums around the world’ in the … Continue reading

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Basil omelette

Sometimes the best food is simple.  And the special zuo yuezi (Chinese postpartum confinement) foods prepared for new mothers to help them recover after childbirth need not be complicated to cook, either.  I have been inspired by the Windmill cookbook … Continue reading

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Beef and Guiness stew

A work colleague has just had a baby girl.  So I decided to do some cooking for them.  Since they are both of an Australian-Irish background, I thought I would cook something that they could relate to.  Not all new … Continue reading

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The Mummy Wrap

As a foreigner undergoing Chinese postpartum confinement (zuo yuezi), I was less bound by tradition than, say, a Taiwanese woman being cared for by her mother-in-law.  And one of the traditions I decided to ditch without really investigating beforehand was the … Continue reading

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Windmill: food delivery for new mothers

Did you know that in Taiwan there is a company that delivers specially prepared meals to new mothers daily, rain, hail, typhoon or even Chinese New Year?  And that they tailor all meals for mothers undergoing traditional Chinese postpartum confinement (zuo yuezi), using … Continue reading

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Homemade soap

Do you like artisan, handmade soaps? I admit to having a serious weakness for luxurious soaps. The real stuff: none of this cheap shower gel or body wash. When I was at school and university, I used to invest my … Continue reading

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Taiwanxifu on Radio Taiwan International

I was honored recently to be interviewed on Radio Taiwan International on their Feast Meets West program. I had so much fun chatting with Andrew and Ellen about how I became a Taiwanxifu, why I started blogging and the benefits of … Continue reading

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